Shukokai Karate Bethesda & Conwy - Aka Ryuu Karate Club

We are pleased to inform you we have recently changed supplier for our gi's, mitts and belts. We now only stock high quality equipment from
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Club members: this is available to students at a lower than the RRP. Below is the current available stock, if you require anything else below please get in touch.
All the kit you need is available to purchase here through the club.  All orders placed on-line can be collected from your instructor at the club.  The on-line shop below shows just a small range of gi's available from MAK, please browse the MAK website and ask your instructor for prices on any other or high end equipment (WKF approved kit).
You can also pay your monthly club membership using the links below, don't forget to include the students' name.
Monthly Club fee's
Pay your monthly club fee's here. Remember to include the students name when making your payment!
Price: £35.00
Tokaido WKF Mitts
Red or blue World Karate Federation Approved PU Mitt. RRP £20.99
Price: £19.00
Tokaido Shin & Foot pads
Red or blue The TOKAIDO Shin and Instep Guards are made to the highest standard. WKF approved. RRP £32.99
Price: £25.00
Tokaido Shoshin Gi - Child
8oz training gi, with white belt
Price: £23.00
Tokaido Shoshin Gi - Adult
8oz training gi, with white belt
Price: £27.00
Tokaido Nissaka gi - Child
Fabulous quality lightweight 10oz gi, perfect for beginners up to competition standard.
Price: £34.00
Tokaido Nissaka gi - Adult
High quality gi, benefits from a lightweight 10oz fabric, suitable for beginner to advanced.
Price: £40.00
SSU Handbook
Student Handbook and Grading Syllabus
Price: £15.00
DAX Karate belt
High quality DAX belt, available in all syllabus colours
Price: £4.00