Shukokai Karate Bethesda & Conwy - Aka Ryuu Karate Club
Events Calendar 2018
Throughout the year there are courses and competitions arranged which are open to all students.  Some are local, others are near to the SSU headquarters in Manchester.  All students are encouraged to attend the courses, they are taught by our chief instructor, Denis Casey Sensei 8th Dan.  Not only are they a fantastic opportunity to train with the chief instructor but also allows you to network with other students from across the UK and sometimes, from abroad.
They are all put on to make you a better karate-ka, so please do your best to attend as many as you can.

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Last update: 17th December 2017
At the bottom of the page you will find the full address for all venues listed in the calendar.

7th - Squad - Altrincham - 12pm-1:30pm Kata, 1:30pm-3pm Kumite
28th - SSU UK Open Course - SSV Sports Hall - 11am-2pm

4th - Squad- Altrincham - 12pm-1:30pm Kata, 1:30pm-3pm Kumite
9th-15th - Canada Seminar
18th - AGM - SSV- 10am-12pm
        - Senior Instructor Course (3rd Dan+) - 12pm-3pm

18th March - 2nd April - SSU 20th Anniversary Celebrations - Kobe Japan

8th - Squad- Altrincham - 12pm-1:30pm Kata, 1:30pm-3pm Kumite
15th - PreDan - SSV - 11am-3pm
22nd-23rd - European 20th Anniversary Celebraations - St Emilion, Bordeaux, France

13th - Dan Grading - Wythenshawe - 11am-5pm
17th-21st - SSU International Seminar with Yamada Sensei 10th Dan - Portugal

24th - Summer Open Course - SSV - 11am-3pm

8th - 20th Anniverssary National Championships - Ellesmere Port Sports Village

No events planned

2nd - Squad- Altrincham - 12pm-1:30pm Kata, 1:30pm-3pm Kumite
16th - SSU Open Course - SSV - 11am-2pm

7th - Squad- Altrincham - 12pm-1:30pm Kata, 1:30pm-3pm Kumite
14th -SSU Open Course - SSV - 11am-2pm

4th - Welsh Open Championships - Colwyn Leisure Centre
18th - PreDan - SSV - 11am-3pm
25th - SSU Exec Meeting - SSV Dance Studio - 10am-12pm
         - Senior Grades Course (3rd Dan+) - 12pm-3pm

1st/2nd - SSU 20th Anniversary Celebratrion Dinner and Dance - Venue TBC
9th - Squad- Altrincham - 12pm-1:30pm Kata, 1:30pm-3pm Kumite
16th - Dan Grading - SSV - 11am-4pm

Addresses of venues

Please note all SSU courses at Stretford sports village are in the new build in the grounds of teh school, NOT the Sports Centre)

Bethesda Dojo
Plas Ffrancon Leisure Centre, Ffordd Coetmore, Bethesda, Gwynedd LL57 3DT
Conwy Dojo
Aberconwy Secondary School
Morfa Rd, Conwy. LL32 8ED

Altrincham Leisure Centre
Oak field Rd, Altrincham. WA15 8EW

Rudheath Leisure Centre
Shipbrook Rd, Rudheath, Cheshire, CW9 7EL

Portway, Wythenshawe. M22 1QW
Ellesmere Port Sports Village (SSU Nationals)
Stanney Lane, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. CH65 9LB