Shukokai Karate Bethesda & Conwy - Aka Ryuu Karate Club
Welcome to the Sekiryu Karate Club website
Part of the Shito-Ryu Shukokai Union

'Sekiryu' translates to Red Dragon ~ 'Ddraig Goch'. We have clubs based in Bethesda and Conwy, North Wales. 
We run friendly and professional karate clubs and pride ourselves on producing a traditional form of Karate-do, which places great emphasis on the development of the character of the student as well as the technical ability.  Promoting Respect, Discipline and Etiquette.  The clubs also boasts competition success in local, national and international competitions.
The style of Karate we practice is Yamada-Ha Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate-do, which is under the guidance of Soke Haruyoshi Yamada 10th Dan, successor to successor to Chojiro Tani 1921-1998 (the founder of Shukokai).

Rest In Peace Soke Haruyoshi Yamada Sensei
It is with sadness that we have lost our Chief Instructor, Yamada Sensei on 7th Januray 2018.  Sensei successed Tani Sensei as the head of The Shukokai in 1998. His ambition was to rebuild Shukokai out side of Japan.  We must now continue to build on his legacy in the future. 

With recent events and the situation as it now stands regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, our dojos are currently closed until further notice. Any official updates or further information will be be posted here as and when the situation changes. 

It is vital that you keep practicing and not forget your karate skills. It is also vital that you keep your licence up to date. As a good will gesture for your continued membership we are going to post snippets from the official YSSKWU UK DVD’s. We will be posting a schedule of videos that we are going to host starting with the 9 'A' Combinations (in both Kihon and free fighting forms) and then 8th Kyu grading syllabus and 7th Kyu grading syllabus and so on. With further videos after that every couple of days.

You can also study your Members’ Handbook and get up date with your karate history. 

We are also going to post training video's and challenges to our Facebook group so you can stay training while self-isolating, stay tuned into our Facebook site for that. 

Unfortunately all YSSKWU UK events (Open Courses, Dan Gradings, Squad Training and Competitions, etc) are suspended until further notice. We will let you know when the video schedule is going live. Please follow the national and your local health care guidelines and look after each other. We will be back in our dojo’s before you know it. 

If there are any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Stay safe.


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